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Pros and Cons to a Thanksgiving Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend? Opinions are mixed as to whether having your wedding on the second biggest holiday weekend of the year is a good idea.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving and Christmas are times reserved for family. And once you get married, your family grows. With

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The Average Cost of a Wedding is WHAT?!

Studies and statistics show just last year, which revealed a national average of $32,641, the average cost of a wedding has increased by $2,688!

But remember, this number is still an average, which means, depending on where you choose to have your wedding, your wedding bill could be

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Holiday Deals For Your NJ Wedding

The holiday season can be very expensive. Throw a wedding into the mix and it's even more expensive! Although it can be expensive, you can get deals towards the end of the holiday season. Even though Christmas and Hanukkah haven't come around yet, there's already huge sales for winter/holiday

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