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Fall 2018 Wedding Trends

Usually fall trends tend to stay the same throughout the years, but this year there are some changes. Check out the five biggest 2018 fall trends below!

1. Colors

No more typical fall colors of orange, yellow, and brown. Welcome new fall colors plum, deep reds, and lots of greenery.

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A Simply Perfect Wedding

Looking for more of a simple wedding that doesn't have a big entrance or more than 100 people? Check out these 5 simple ideas that add a nice romantic and intimate touch!

1. No Assigned Seating

2. Simply Elegant Centerpieces

3. Bigger Tables

4. Have the ceremony in the same

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Popular Invitations

Here are the Top 3 most popular styles for your wedding invites!

1. Pocket Invitations

These invites are great if you're having your ceremony in a different location from your reception. Also, if you are doing a hotel room block for your guests. The more pieces, the better the pocket.

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