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New Year, New Wedding Trends

2019 holds some pretty new and exciting wedding trends, but it also has it's classic wedding moments. Read more to check out these seven trends for this new year!

1. Flowers Everywhere!

Instead of the traditional flowers as centerpieces or for bouquets and boutonnieres, couples are including big flower arrangements everywhere on their wedding day.

2. All Things Cricut

The arts & crafts machine, Cricut, has been a big trend this year. You can catch a lot of homemade touches at the next wedding you attend made from this awesome machine!

3. Darker Colors

4. Balloon Walls

5. Circle Ceremonies

Rather than the traditional rows all facing one direction, a common new trend is to have the chairs in a circle with the couple getting married in the center of that circle.

6. The Classic Wedding

You'll notice this just by the color patterns around the room. You'll see a lot more off-white and pink coloring and even a lot of drapery action going on.

7. Back to the Basics

A lot of couples are stripping down all of the glitz and glamour that's associated with weddings and just adding simple touches.