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The Top 5 "Must Do's" On Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding day may seem like forever, but when the big day gets here it will be over before you know it. Here are some things to remember to do on your special day.

1. Be 100% focused during your ceremony

After all, it is the main reason why we're all here. It is the most important part of a wedding day so be sure that you're only thinking about that moment. When you say " I Do" and kiss, be in that moment completely.


When it comes time to open the dance floor at your reception, make sure you get on that floor! All day you're going to have photographers pull you off of the floor for photos so be sure to tell them that you want most of your photos done during cocktail hour. Also, the more you dance, the more your guests dance.

3. EAT

Your wedding day is going to be a very busy day so make sure you get a chance to sit down and eat. Don't rush either. Enjoy your meal.

4. Don't Get Drunk

If you drink too much you may get sick and/or forget a lot of key moments that are memories on your wedding day. You may even be too sick to participate at your reception, especially if you haven't eaten. Drink responsibly and remember to stay hydrated.

5. Take It All In

Lastly, as you get a moment to yourself look around the room and really take everything in. All of your family, friends, centerpieces, and everything it took to make your wedding day possible. The day goes by so fast so enjoy every single moment!