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Out Of State Weddings

Are you thinking about having your wedding at a location that is far from where you live, but is still in the U.S.? For example, you live in New Jersey, but you want to have your wedding in Maine.

Here are five important things to keep in mind if you are considering having your wedding hours away.

1. Is it convenient for a majority of the guests?

2. Will it end up costing more money?

3. Is it too much to ask from your guests since they will have to give a gift and then pay to stay at a hotel, food, gas, etc.?

4. Would you rather spend the extra money on a honeymoon?

5. Do you think most guests will RSVP "no" because of travel?

If you're still unsure, try asking other couples who had their weddings far from home and see if they recommend it or not.