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How Much Money To Give In A Card

Is crazy wedding season approaching and you're trying to figure out budgeting for gifts? We got you covered with these three helpful factors to include for price per card.

1. How Many People Are Attending From Your Household?

If it is just you, this means you don't have to put as much money as a family of two, three, four or more would have to put.

2. Where Is The Wedding Being Held?

Sounds silly, but if it's an extravagant hall that means they paid a lot of money to have you there. So take into consideration price per head and the cost for open bar all night (if they have an open bar).

3. Did They Attend Your Wedding?

If you are married and they did attend your wedding, how much money did they give? You can match the price.

Overall, a wedding celebration should be fun and as little stress as possible. Give an amount that you are comfortable with and enjoy the big day!