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Wedding Invitations 101

When it comes to wedding invitations, you want to be confident that it presents you and your significant other proudly. Designing invitations should be fun and easy!

In general, a wedding invitation typically consists of several components:

-the invitation itself

-a separate reception card, if your ceremony and reception are in two different locations

-a response card (a.k.a. reply card), which allows your guests to indicate whether they will be attending the wedding

-a directions card, which indicates how to get to the wedding

-an outer envelope (and an inner envelope for traditionalists) to hold the invitation and other components

Design Layout:

Calligraphy and Handwriting
Forget patterns and cute motifs; this design is straight from the hand. Pretty penmanship, ornate calligraphy and fanciful flourishes are aplenty. Calligraphers are creating new, modern hands that feel totally fresh (this is not the calligraphy from your grandmother's wedding invitation). Try the trend by having just your names hand-lettered.

Custom monograms—not the letter-locking designs of the past—are taking on a whole new look, with elements that are meaningful and representative of the to-be-weds. Steal this idea for everything, from your wedding invitations and cocktail napkins to personal stationery for after your “I dos.”

Fancy Chalkboard
A simple black and white with a little bit of character. You'll be amazed at how gorgeous these invitations are and how much style they add to your wedding. It has both the nature and rustic feel with simplicity.

Floral Romance
This design has the explanation in its name. Flowers are super romantic! Maybe a watercolor or drawn flowers of you favorite- such as roses or daisies or orchids. Matching the flowers in which season you get married in. Also with the colors to match, will give it that AWE feelings.

Envelope Liners
You'd be hard-pressed to find a stationery designer who isn't having a little fun with envelope liners. This inner layer is the first thing guests will see when they excitedly tear open your invite. Liners are a great finishing touch and the perfect place to add fun design elements, like a sketch of the skyline, or a personal detail, like your wedding date. Pair with a colored envelope for really eye-catching mail.


The top ten fonts used for wedding invitations on are as listed.

•Conceria Script

•Baroque Script


•Great Vibes

•Alex Brush


•Black Jack

•Jenna Suee

•Wishes Script

•Carolyna Pro

When picking a font for you invitations, be sure that it is easy to read! Most couples today use a fancy sprit or handwriting for there names. Than follow it with a sans serif font such as Helvetia or Arial; depending on what the main names are in. Because if it is a more "pointer" font, you would go for a serif font.

This will be a fun project! And DO NOT be afraid to ask questions of designers and their work. For inspiration, look on Pinterest.

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