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Food Truck Weddings

Street food has been enjoying in all cities across the world. Every city has its own delicacies, in New York it’s the hot dog, LA loves a taco truck, Hanoi boasts the Banh Mi, Amsterdam has chips and peanut mayo. A cool new trend is set the main stage, it’s all about the food trucks!

Although the modern food truck craze started in 2008 in Los Angeles, the idea of selling food out of a moving vehicle started more than 100 years ago. Every food truck from the past 130 years can trace its history back to one man in Rhode Island. The chuck wagon (a cowboy's portable kitchen wagon used on the cattle trails) was invented by Goodnight in 1866 by using an army surplus Studebaker wagon to create what is considered by many as the first food truck.

Top Tips for Having a Food Truck At Your Wedding:

– This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you’ll have enough food. Some of your guests may have big appetites (people often won’t have had lunch or even breakfast before the wedding) so be sure to have a burger/taco/donut contingency so that your hungry guests can go for seconds.

– Think about sides and toppings. Talk to your food truck vendor about additional extras, they may serve up one specialty dish, if that’s the case, perhaps feature a buffet table with salads and sides alongside the truck.

– Check with your venue. Ask about permission for parking/trading outside your venue, you might even need to enquire about electricity hook-ups. Make sure there’s room for your truck to park, with space for your guests to queue outside.

– Choose standing-friendly food. Food trucks are perfect for late night eats and cocktail hours, if this is the case, be sure to choose small dishes that your guests can manage (with a glass of bubbly in hand!).

– Talk to your truckers. Food truck owners may be used to serving big groups of people over the course of a day, but there is a certain standard of service (and speed) expected at weddings. Chances are you’re a casual couple if you’re opting for street food, but be sure your vendors know what’s expected (napkins, presentation, time-frame), and have enough staff and supplies to meet the demands of your guests.

– Pick vendors you love and have a report with. Street food vendors tend to be some of the friendliest people around, and they’re passionate about food, select somebody whose dishes you’ve tried and loved, to make your wedding day food extra special.

– Depending on your friends or family, food truck refreshments might seem a little unconventional. Perhaps let your key guests know in advance what to expect, so they’ll get into the spirit of casual dining. It’s good to have signage, or someone with a mic on hand to let guests know when and where the truck is, so you don’t have to herd your guests yourself!

– Don’t forget to take some photographs in front of your food truck. It’s the perfect chance to get some quirky, candid snaps during the day.

– Finally, as with any al fresco element, think of the weather. What if it rains, is baking hot, or super windy on your wedding day? Consider all options when choosing where to position your truck, and how to plan the logistics.

Here are Top Picks for New Jersey Food Trucks:

Ice Cream:
● MilkSugarLove in Jersey City- Organic handmade ice cream, cookies, cakes and more

● Sip and Swirl Ice Cream in Little Falls- Ice cream

● Freezy Freeze in Red Bank- Liquid nitrogen ice cream

● Brother Bear’s BBQ in Chesilhurst

● Oink and Moo BBQ in Florham Park

● Rodger’s Real BBQ in Avenel

● Empanada Guy in Old Bridge

● Empanada Lady in Montclair

● Empanada Mania in Bergen County

● Kiss and Cake Cup in Newark

● Polkadot Cupcake in Hoboken

● House of Cupcakes in Princeton

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