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Dresses- Classy VS Trashy

As stressful as finding the perfect wedding dress is, knowing the difference between classy and trashy will help. Here are some tips for when you looking for a dress- even better for your wedding!

Dress up one part of your body at a time:

Focus on your favorite feature of your body and emphasize it sh*t! If you want to flaunt that cleavage wear a sweetheart neckline; have long legs? Strut in a high-low dress; But to avoid going into skanky style, focus on one asset at a time.

Fancy footwear:

Wearing a great pair of heels (that you can walk in- OF COURSE) always give a great boost of confidence and look very sexy. A pair of stiletto heels make any woman feel instantly sexier. Heels change the way you carry yourself, your posture, your strut and your legs will look oh so great. But if you have difficulty walking in stilettos, a wedge heel is also a great option. To stay away from skanky territory- pair your heels with something more classic and again, focus on one asset at a time.

Comfort is MAJOR key:

There is something very sexy about a woman who is comfortable in their own skin. Make sure to pick a style to where it fits your needs; You can style it up with gem high-rise belts, accessories0earrings or necklace, or even that perfect shade of red lipstick.

Don’t reveal TOO much:

Again going back to rule #1… remember never to reveal too much. If you’re wearing a tight corset dress that hugs all your curves, try to make sure that you’re not flaunting your cleavage along with it. And of course, if you’re showing off your legs, keep your top covered and vice versa. Try to keep some things to the imagination.