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Top Traditional Wedding Colors For The Fall

Earthy tones and richer tones like purple, green, and red set the mood for a bold Fall wedding. Find some inspiration from these top 5 wedding color combos perfect for fall.

A pair of softer tones like silvery frost and barely there blush soften the hard edges of a darker tone like boysenberry; color of the reddish family. You will find plenty of florals in this palette, but the real statement makers are the fashion choices- such as bridesmaid dresses or mother of the bride/groom. A suit that is borderline maroon in this red hue will stand out in photos—and it is substantially flattering.

This palette right here basically screams fall. If your venue has a lot of natural wood showing, like a barn, ranch or country vineyard, don't fight it- go with it. Welcome it into your color scheme and pair it with just one other strong color- for example a purple. Choose a shade to match the formality of your theme since different hues can lean more toward formal than casual and vice versa.

For a elegant color scheme, gray and navy make a perfect pair- and it is a match! Let the color scheme be the main attraction with an all-white flower arrangements. Enhance it with mood lighting: Come nighttime, overhead bistro lighting will combine with the gray and dark blue hues to create a whimsical, enchanted evening atmosphere.

Texture is key to a flawless delivery to this palette. Calligraphy is a breezy detail that will carry the vibe from the escort card table to the reception tablescapes, then let sheer table linens lend a flowy and ethereal feel to the overall décor. Nothing should be too structured: Overflowing blooms, billowing fabrics and a barely frosted cake with berry embellishments will bring everything together.

Maybe Summer in the Fall..? You're wondering whether to lean toward summer or fall colors, go with both. Red and orange look very autumnal, but it's brightened up with a peach pink that's reminiscent of summer sunsets.