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5 Summer Wedding Cake Trends

Having trouble deciding what kind of wedding cake to have? Here are the summers top trends that will surprise your guests!

Naked Cakes

Bakers these days are holding back frosting from wedding cakes for an exposed look that is popular with couples looking for a traditional wedding cake alternative. Barely there frosting was once only seen by bakers between as a crumb coat before the final layer of frosting was added, but now naked cakes have moved from verified trend to bakery staple. These cakes, easily recognized by their exposed layers and minimal garnishes, have become a staple style for everything from homemade birthday cakes to multi-tiered wedding cakes. A naked cake is easily recognized by its absent or minimal outer layer of frosting, which shows off the cake's natural texture and filling. Some naked cakes have zero frosting on their outer edge, while others have just a wisp of buttercream.

Ombre Cakes

In baking, ombré effects are typically achieved through applied techniques such as frosting on a cake; but it is possible to bake individual cake layers in graduated tones from light to dark. Having your cake colors take on an ombre effect is another artful cake design idea. It can be as whimsical or glamorous as you like. Blend yellow to orange sugar hearts for a graphic, modern style; or go red to pink to light pink with cascading sugar-made flower petals.

Ruffled Cakes

For a seriously elegant look, skip the bold patterns and add-ons in favor of subtle embellishments with allover sugar ruffles. This look can be accomplished with fondant or buttercream. The look is light and airy and needs very little added detail. Finish it off with fresh flowers in between each tier or a few sugar flowers on top.

Over-Sized Flower Cakes

Sugar flowers assume the delicacy and splendor of fresh blossoms without their fleeting, fading nature. With their hardy petals and wilt-proof composition, they offer couples more reliable, sturdy blooms. And if your favorite flower is out of season (or more pricey than your budget can afford), a sugar alternative is a wedding-worthy replacement. These confections are beautiful, realistic, and completely customizable, made in shapes, colors, and varieties that suit any scheme or theme.

Bunt Cakes

That's right, the humble bundt cake. Even though a bundt cake is about as traditional as a baked good could get, the point is that it's not a tiered wedding cake. Wedding bundt cakes definitely don't get as much love as they should. Traditional white wedding cakes are typically everyone's first choice when planning their wedding dessert. Which is exactly why we've put together this roundup of bundt cakes for you to peruse. They need a little attention, too!