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Thinking of Having a Sunday Wedding?

5 Things To Consider For A Sunday Wedding

Getting married on a Sunday may not be the "norm", but this is the prime time! As most of our Fridays and Saturdays have been reserved, couples hoping to have their wedding on a Sunday are realizing that they are their only option. Many people find it interesting that many brides and grooms don’t even consider the option of a Sunday wedding.

Keep the Music Up-Beat

Don't let the party end! Make sure to keep people on the dance floor, not thinking about having work the next day. If the upbeat music is on in the background or dance floor; you're not consciously aware that you're listening to it to boost your mood, the up-beat music keeps the energy alive.


Shifting your focus to a Sunday wedding can really open up your options. With such high demand for prime nights, venues or vendors, have the luxury of charging a premium for Friday or Saturday nights in the peak season; while less-popular Sundays can often come with a shorter wait—as well as a lowered rental price. Even your favorite DJ or Photographer can be available.


It's easy to assume your guests will be inconvenienced by your having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday, but if you're not asking them to travel too far, you'd be surprised by how non-disruptive it actually is. When hosting a Sunday wedding, you have the majority of the weekend with your guests before spending Sunday prepping for the wedding and getting hitched. The same goes for a Sunday wedding: Guests can travel on Saturday, celebrate with you on Sunday, and take Monday off to travel home.


In many cases, other wedding vendors, discount Sunday wedding dates, meaning you could save thousands! When considering a Sunday, ask vendors if they offer any discounts for that day of the week. If so, take the amount of money saved into account. While Sundays are not the most traditional wedding day of the week, if you’re on a budget, it might be worth it.

End before 10pm

If your party ends too late on a Sunday, the chances of guests leaving before the end of it are very high. A lot of people may have work the next day so they're going to want to go home earlier in the night. By ending earlier, your guests will stay till the very end and the party will end with a "bang".