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Do You Know Your Venue's Limitations?

Does your dream wedding include you and your guests having fun and dancing the night away? Some venues noise ordinances will not allow your party to get to that level.

For example, some venues have built in sound systems and will not allow your entertainment to bring in their own sound. The venue then controls the sound (NOT your entertainment) and won't let it get to the level of sound that is needed to create the party atmosphere. Why is this a problem? These types of venues aren't hiring sound engineers to install their sound systems and the chances of that sound system sounding awful are very high. Even with something as simple as using the microphone for toasts can sound terrible because of the poor quality sound system installed into the venue.

If your venue has noise ordinances, they will complain the whole time about music being too loud, but the music is on a "barely hearing it" level.

Also, some venues will not allow you to have smoke machines (low lying fog during your first dance) or even photo booths.

Please ask your venue the following questions before booking with them:

1. Do you have a noise ordinance?

2. Can my entertainment bring in their own sound system?

3. How often does your venue have weddings?

4. Is your maitre d trained to handle a very important day?

5. Is there anything I should know now and not be surprised with on my wedding day when it comes to the rules and limitations of your venue?