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What Is Your DJ Really Selling You?

In todays day and age, DJ companies are everywhere you turn. Whether it's the guy fresh out of high school and just decided to be an "entrepreneur", the old club DJs who now moved to the wedding industry, or the original wedding DJs who have been in the industry forever. The real question is, what are these companies mainly selling to you?

Here's what to look for when browsing for a wedding DJ:

  1. They should be selling the DJ, NOT their setups! I noticed that most companies are mainly focused on selling what their DJ setup looks like, rather than the talent of the DJ. Yes, you have a beautiful facade and nice light show, but can your DJ read a crowd and make my crowd dance? If your DJ can't DJ, what's the point of having that nice setup? So everyone just stares at it instead of dancing? How to tell if they are mainly selling their setups? Go to their social media. If most of their posts are pictures of their setups and not pictures/videos of their dance floor and/or reviews, that's a red flag.

  2. Are they charging you for every little piece of equipment? Example, the lights cost $1,000.00, the TV screens cost $800.00, the sound system is $1,000.00, and the DJ/MC is $2,000.00. That's called the DJ "medical bill". It gets to a point of being excessive and some companies will charge you for every little thing that by the time you're walking out of their office, you're looking at a $6,000.00 package that you can get elsewhere for cheaper and most likely a better DJ.

  3. Are their reviews real? Here's how to check: With websites like Wedding Wire and The Knot, it is very easy for companies to post fake reviews. When you go into their office, check if they have a ton of real hand written reviews from previous clients, those are legitimate and you know that they are not fake.

  4. If I book you today, will I know what DJ I am getting? A big problem with most DJ companies is that they can't promise you what DJ you will be getting and you probably won't know who the DJ is going to be until like 2 weeks before your wedding or they do promise a DJ and then the day of your wedding, a completely different person is there.

  5. Lastly, how long has the company been in business? Why does this matter? Because experience matters. If you get the guy right out of high school or the club DJ who just decided to go into the wedding industry, chances are he hasn't performed many weddings and that's a big risk to take.

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