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Themes For A Bridal Shower

When planning any type of event, you always want everything to flow together and match. That's why making your event themed is the perfect way to do that! Check out these three fun and easy themes for a bridal shower below.

1. Rustic Theme

The rustic theme is very popular right now and you can do so many different ideas with it. I LOVE the mason jar on top of a wood slice centerpieces with flowers in the mason jar. Such a beautiful look and simple to do!

If you're looking for great prices to do any type of centerpiece, check out

They sell the wood slices as well as many other great items for a really good price!

Also, if you go on Etsy, a vendor called "Magic Party Designs" sells an entire Rustic Bridal Shower Set that can be customized. You can get that here:

2. Bridal Shower at Tiffany's

The Tiffany's theme is a classic that has been around forever. With this theme, it's more about matching everything to that iconic Tiffany blue color. You can also put your favors in Tiffany's boxes to really create the theme.

3. The Chic Bridal Shower

This theme could be the easiest and also be the hardest theme at the same time because there are so many colors you can use and incorporate that you will be overflowing with ideas. The classic color is pink, but when you add in orange, yellow, and light blue, it turns out really beautiful. Check out some pictures below to help you get an idea.