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Bridal Show Expos

While Bridal Show Expos can be fun, they can also be overwhelming. It is fun to experience a big bridal show, but the main reason why you are there, to find vendors for your wedding, can be extremely difficult.

There are so many vendors to choose from at big bridal shows. These vendors include: excessive amounts of florists, DJs, bands, photographers, videographers, etcetera. Not only are there a ton of vendors, expect a ton of emails and phone calls as well after the bridal show since all of these vendors get all of your information, regardless if you went to their booth or not.

Better Options:

  1. See if your catering hall/venue has their own bridal show every year with just their preferred/recommended vendors. This way you can still experience a bridal show, but in a non overwhelming situation with thousands of vendors.

  2. Ask the person you are working with at your hall who they would recommend. They see thousands of vendors and trust me, they'll always remember the best and the worst so they are very helpful.

  3. If you have any family or friends who just had a wedding or in the middle of planning one, ask them who they used/are using and if they would recommend any vendors.