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Why Your Reception Music Matters

Your wedding day is an extremely important day that you put a lot of time, money, and effort into. Why waste all of that with bad entertainment during your reception? There are two things that your guests will remember the most from your wedding day and that is the food and the entertainment.

A major problem with wedding planning is that couples spend big chunks of their wedding budget in the wrong places. Of course a big amount of that budget is going to your venue/food. After that, most couples think the next big thing is photography and/or the florist and that's where they go wrong.

Most of your guests will not acknowledge the centerpieces and you will only buy about 20-50 photos from your photographer, out of the thousands that were taken.

The fix to this? You can still get a great photographer and beautiful centerpieces, but for more reasonable prices. Where money should be spent? On the entertainment for your reception. If not, you would overspend on the photographer/videographer who are taking great shots of an empty dance floor.

When you make sure that entertainment is an extremely important part on your big day, you will have tons of photos and videos of everyone having fun and telling you it was the best wedding they've ever been to!

So be sure to make your wedding reception one to remember!

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