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Bachelor Party Ideas

1. The AC or Vegas Weekend

When people hear bachelor or bachelorette party, the first thing they think of is the crazy Vegas trip we all see in movies. Although it sounds like a great idea, it is very expensive and also very difficult to get a group to cooperate and go. In NJ, it is very popular to head to Atlantic City for a night or weekend since it is cheaper than Vegas.

2. Go Camping

This option will make your fiance much happier than option one. If you're not the party type, this option may be better for you. You can instead do an activity that you like. For example, golfing, paintball, etc.

3. Bar Hopping

Grab dinner together and start pre gaming and then pick a place like NYC where there is a bar on every block and try out a bunch of new places.

And of course, don't drink and drive. Drink responsibly.