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5 Ideas For Your Bridal Shower

Tired of the same old games like "Bridal Bingo"? Here's a list of five fresh and new ideas!

1. Caption That Picture

How the game goes: each table or guest gets a separate picture, either a picture of the bride/groom as a kid and/or adult or it could be a couple photo of the soon to be bride and groom (be sure to make copies of each photo since you will be gluing them onto a piece of paper).
Once you have all the photos picked out, (which you want to make sure they're photos that can have fun captions), you glue or tape each photo to a white piece of paper. Make sure that the paper behind it is just a border for people to write on, not too big. Each guest will be given a marker and asked to caption the photo given to them. Which ever caption the soon to be bride thinks is the best, wins. If there's a lot of good ones, you can do first, second, and third place prizes.

2. Recipe Cards

With each invitation mailed out, provide a recipe card and ask each guest to write down their favorite recipe and bring it to the shower. This idea could also be used in the "wishing well".

3. Memories & Advice

This idea is my favorite. Have a polaroid camera ready to go (which is the easiest way - check out places like and have the bride take a picture with each guest. Take that photo and put it into a scrapbook and have each guest write down words of advice for the bride next to the photo they just took together.

4. The Date Box

This is a simple and fun idea. Have a nicely decorated box on a table with strips of paper and pens. Have each guest write down a cute date idea for the future bride and groom.

5. Favors

Mini bottle of champagne and/or jewelry with a jewelry dish

"From the brides shower, to yours" sugar scrub.

Customized mason jar candles.