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Wedding Thank You Cards

After your big day has come and gone, there's still more to sending thank you cards to all of your guests at your wedding and your vendors.

1. Time Frame

Q: When is it a good time to send out your wedding thank you cards?

A: Anytime after your wedding (obviously), but within a year of your wedding! Sending them anytime after a year is too late.

2. Thank You Cards From Your Photographer

Q: Does your photographer provide your thank you cards?

A: If the answer is yes, that means you have to keep in contact with your photographer so you can get them sooner than later.

If the answer is no, that means you'll have to look at other ideas online. Check out the next point under this for ideas.

3. Thank You Card Websites

Check out websites like:

These websites have great layouts and they're affordable!

4. Thanking Your Vendors

Q: Should you send a thank you to your vendors?

A: 110% YES! They help make your wedding day so show your appreciation for all of their hard work! Even if you send them a thank you through email, social media, and/or website reviews, that still counts!

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