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Pros & Cons of Social Media For Your Wedding Day

A big trend right now is having a "wedding hashtag". For example, you would tell your guests to use the hashtag "#BillandSue2wed16" and promote the hashtag during your wedding day. You can promote the hashtag with having signs of it on the bar, making the hashtag your photo booth bottom, and/or putting it on your entertainments TV Screens. What's cool about this and what's not so cool? Read below.


1. Seeing your wedding through the eyes of your guests

Obviously you are not going to be able to catch every moment that is happening on your big day. This is a great way to catch that moment after your wedding day.

2. Your guests might catch cool images/moments that your photographer may have missed

The great part is that you'll be able to see it because of social media.

3. You get to see pictures of your wedding day right away

Since you won't be able to see your wedding photos till months after your wedding from the photographer, this is a great way to see pictures of your wedding on the same exact day.

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Not So Cool:

1. Guests may get in the way of your photographer

Yes, everyone is super excited for such a big occasion, but they won't realize that they might be blocking a great photo since all of their attention is on the phone.

2. Guests may be blocking you

I've seen it before, bride is walking down the aisle and guests are in the middle of the aisle to take a photo, completely blocking you and your soon to be wife/husbands view from each other.

3. May ruin an intimate moment

Since everyone wants to take a good picture and post it to their social media, it might distract them from the entire ceremony. Even though they are physically there, mentally and emotionally, they're not.

What I recommend? Ask your guests to put away their cell phones during your ceremony. After the ceremony is over, let them go crazy with pictures for social media!