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Photography On Your Wedding Day

Having pictures taken by a professional photographer on your wedding day is very important. You want great quality photos and to get a good amount of pictures taken with family and friends.

Though it is important to have photos taken on your wedding day, it is also important to make sure the photographers don't take over your whole wedding. If you want certain photos taken with certain people, make sure you get them done in the beginning of the night, during cocktail hour, or during down times of the night like the first course. If you hold off on the photos, just be aware that the photographers are going to have to take you and the other guests needed for the photo away from the reception to get the pictures done.

The reason why this is such an important topic is because I have seen so many brides and grooms missing a 3/4 of their receptions since they're completely elsewhere to take pictures. You put so much effort in planning your wedding so just be sure you get to enjoy it instead of being away from the reception taking a bunch of photos.

Also, if you finished all the important shots that you wanted from your photographer, let them know that for the rest of the reception you do not want to leave the room to take extra photos. Have the photographer take photos of you and your guests enjoying the reception (dancing, using a photo booth, etcetera).

It's a big day that took a lot of time, effort, and money, so enjoy it to the fullest! :)