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5 Benefits Of Working With A Family Business For Your NJ Wedding

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. To make your day go off without a hitch, it is best to hire the most trusted vendors. In the wedding industry, the most trusted vendors are mainly family businesses. Why you ask? Read the five facts below as to why they are the most trusted.

1. You Know Who You're Working With

Most companies that are not family ran have a large group of people working for them and you never really get just that group of 3 or 4 people who are really listening to exactly what you want/envision for your wedding day and execute it just how you imagined. Instead, there's a large group of people who are kind of listening and when it comes to your wedding day, it's a bunch of random people you've never met or even heard of in any of your appointments. Therefore, they don't really know what you want/envisioned since they were not 110% focused on you and your day.

2. No Days Off

Family businesses work 24/7! Remember, this is their only source of income so they are working all the time to make sure the business keeps going. Also, if it is their only source of income you know that they must be trustworthy and an outstanding company to stay in business for as long as they have.

3. Growing Up In The Industry

Most family businesses have been passed down from generation to generation so practically every generation of that family has grown up in the wedding industry. That means they have the most knowledge in their field than any other vendor. The perfect example of this is Jam Music Events ( A family business since the early 70's and still going strong today as NJs #1 DJs! The reason why Jam is the perfect example is because owner Michael Biondi and his family have been in the wedding industry even earlier than the 70's, when they owned a bridal boutique in New Jersey.

4. This Is NOT A Temporary Job

Vendors who are not family ran have A LOT of part time workers who are just doing temporary work, they're not in it for the long run. Therefore, most of these part time workers don't put in all of their effort on the job because they know this is not going to be their full time job. When it comes to a wedding day, an extremely important day, family businesses make sure that everything is flawless because this is their entire life and how they make a living.

5. More Deals

If you work with a family business for your wedding day, chances are they can give you more of a deal. The reason why is because there's not a bunch of people working for them that they have to pay, the family is doing the work themselves. Also, since the family has been in the industry for quite sometime, they have more connections and probably own almost everything that is needed for your big day. Rather than other companies who have to rent pieces, equipment, etcetera and charge a lot more so they can make a profit.

Support family businesses. You will be so much more happy that you chose a family business for your big day when you see how much they care and how much effort they put in. With amazing effort, attention, and care, comes amazing results!