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3 Ways To Do A Photo Montage On Your Wedding Day

Does your entertainment or hall have TV Screens and/or projectors? If so, instead of just an ambient and/or you and your fiance's names on the screens, put together a photo montage. DJ Companies like Jam Music Events (, make the photo montage for you, all you have to do is provide the pictures.

Below are three ways to present a photo montage on your big day!

1. During Special Dances

During your first dance, pictures of you and your husband/wife will be showing on the screens during your entire first dance. During parent dances, there will be pictures of you with your parent and family photos showing during those dances.

2. Stop & Watch

At some point of the reception, have you and your guests stop and watch a photo montage surrounding you and your husband/wife on the dance floor with 2 or 3 songs you picked out playing in the background. Stop and watch photo montages should not be longer than five minutes.

3. Play Throughout The Night

The photos will just keep playing on the screens throughout the reception on repeat.