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3 Facts About Thursday Night Weddings

Thinking about having your big day on a Thursday? Here's some facts about Thursday weddings that might just give you that extra push to say "yes!" to a Thursday night wedding.

1. You Save Money

You will most likely save money on every vendor for a Thursday night wedding because it is not on the weekend. The catering hall, entertainment, flowers, photography, etcetera will probably work with you around your budget so they can fill in the date.

2. Guests Will Have A Four Day Weekend

When guests are invited to a Thursday night wedding, the first thing they do is request off from work for the next day (Friday), therefore they have a longer weekend. This means they can stay at your wedding later and be able to fully enjoy it, not worrying about getting up early for work the next day. Everyone loves a longer weekend so that's always a plus!

3. More Room For "Extra's"

Whether that extra would be to add on more types of entertainment like a photo booth and/or cigar bar or even just inviting more people to your wedding. Since you will be saving a good amount of money by having it on a Thursday, you can spend some money on something else that you want for your big day!