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6 "Dos & Don'ts" For A Daytime Wedding

Here's a quick guide for what to do and what not to do for your daytime wedding!

1. DO make sure that the music is up-beat

Be sure to discuss with your entertainment that the music should be kept up-beat and lively for your daytime wedding. Especially during the food courses so the energy is high and consistent throughout the entire event!
Courtesy of Jam Music Events (

2. DON'T have a dark color scheme

The colors for a daytime wedding should be light and bright! In psychology, it is often said that light and bright colors stimulate the brain with positive and happy vibes.

3. DO have another form of entertainment

I would recommend definitely adding a photo booth to your wedding so it motivates your guests to get away from their table and let loose a bit with a fun photo booth! The best photo booth that guests are most comfortable in is a closed booth. Check out Jam Music for one of their closed photo booths!

4. DON'T have too many food courses

As we all know, eating too much food causes tiredness, we've all been there. You could have all of this amazing food, but if it is too much your guests are going to be full, tired, and not want to move. I think the best way to handle courses is a first course, either a soup or salad, main course, dessert. You most likely are having a cocktail hour so that is a ton of food right there as well.

5. DO motivate your guests to celebrate with you

Lets be honest, most people at weddings are a bit shy. Whether it's because they don't know that many people, shy to dance, or even just being a shy person. When you greet your guests just add in a little "I better see out there on that dance floor!". Trust me, it works!

6. DON'T worry about the daylight

The daylight is every bride and grooms concern for their daytime wedding. Will people dance? Your guests will dance IF you hire the right entertainment. With a great DJ like Jam Music (, you and your guests will be eager and excited to get up and dance no matter what time of the day it is! Check out their packed dance floor at a daytime wedding below:

Courtesy of Jam Music Events (