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Engagement Announcement Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement!

Looking for a fun and/or clever way to tell your friends and family? Below are seven great ideas for your engagement announcement!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :)

1. Including Your "Child"

I love this idea, but I think what would make this announcement even better is to include you and your fiance in the photo. After all, we all want to see that ring!

2. Straight Forward

This one is super cute, clever, and gets right to the point!

3. Making The Headlines

Now if you and your fiance have a good sense of humor, this is such a fun one!

4. That's What She Said

Nothing better than a "that's what she said" pun that REALLY works!

5. From BF/GF to Fiance

Show your friends and family your upgraded title with this cute one!

6. What'd You Say?

I recommend this announcement to people who are opposite of me... which is being a talented artist.

7. Simple & Cute

What's not to love?! Your family and friends will love seeing the happy couple up close with the beautiful new addition to your hand!

If you and your fiance are not feeling any of these, here's another option:
You can make an announcement that is personal to the both of you. For example, taking engagement photos at the place you both met or where you had your first date.