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The Perfect NJ Catering Hall

Picking out the perfect NJ Catering Hall for your reception can be a very difficult decision. You have to love the look of the hall, the food that will be served to your guests, the atmosphere, and you must love the people you are working with.

Every couple has a special look that they are going for, whether it be simple chic or a bling-ed out bash, you have to know what fits your personality. Reviews are going to be your best friend when choosing your catering hall. You want to see what kind of experience other couples have had there for their own wedding. Being in the industry for such a long time, I have been to a large portion of the catering halls in New Jersey and New York. Each hall is very different in their own way and offer a different vibe for each bride and groom.

Just remember that many rooms can be decorated and changed to fit what look you are going for. Flowers and candles can change an entire room, but the topic of flowers has a blog of its own (

You want to feel comfortable with the people you are working with, just like family. The Sales Person and Maitre D’ will be working with you through the entire process so you want to make sure you have a connection with them. Nothing makes a bride feel worse than being treated like “just another bride”.

When you are ready to start checking out NJ catering halls, make sure you have an estimate on how many people you will be inviting so you know if the hall can accommodate your size crowd. Also, have a price point in mind so you know what budget you are comfortable with. By doing a little research and finding out average price points, it will save you from getting some sticker shock!

Make sure you get a tour of the hall and they explain where everything will be taking place. If you decide to have your ceremony at the hall, make sure you like the ceremony options. Once you walk into the ballroom of the catering hall you are looking at, take a moment and stand in the middle of the dance floor with your fiance. Just pause and picture your dream wedding day! During the planning process, you must remember to stop and look at your fiance and remember why you are planning such a beautiful day!