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Full Guide to the Perfect NJ Outdoor Ceremony

When planning a NJ outdoor ceremony, there are many different factors you must consider for it to go off without a hitch! Mother Nature can always be a problem while planning a NJ outdoor ceremony. While planning a ceremony outdoors, there should always be a backup plan. In case of rain, you should have a set plan for an indoor wedding. Even if it is a drizzle, remember that your guests have spent countless hours having their hair and makeup done and they are in their finest attire. Besides your guests getting rained on, your music for your ceremony, whether live musicians or a DJ, cannot perform in the rain with their equipment.

With the weathers cooperation, there are other things to consider. Depending on the time of year that you plan on having your outdoor ceremony, whether it being hot in summer or chilly in fall, you must have consideration for your guests. If you are planning your outdoor ceremony for the summer, please remember that some days can be very hot. With this in mind, none of your guests should be seated outside too early so they aren’t uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. A good way to keep your guest cool on a hot summer day would be to have some refreshments ready for them when they arrive. Different juices and iced teas are a great way to make sure your guests feel refreshed and of course water is always great to have!

If you are getting married in the later fall months, please remember that it does get very cold, especially with an evening wedding ceremony. If you decide to have your ceremony outside and it is colder out, please make sure your guests don’t have to be outside for too long. You can also ask your catering hall if they have heat lamps to keep your guests warm. Your ceremony will be beautiful indoors or outdoors as long as you have the proper plan ready to take action in case of anything.

Music is a big part of your ceremony. You want to create just the right mood for the both of you and your guests. Making sure you have the right sound system and microphone system is very important. Being outdoors, there is a chance of a plane flying over your ceremony or police sirens going off in the background. If you have the right sound system and microphone system, your guests will still be able to hear everything beautifully. You must make sure there is electricity at your ceremony site for your entertainment to plug in their sound system. Jam Music Events will provide you with the best sound system and perfect timing for each song during your ceremony and reception (

As you have seen at many different weddings, some people have a candle-lighting during their wedding ceremony. This symbolizes the unity of both families. Instead of having a candle-lighting ceremony for your outdoor wedding, you should have a sand ceremony. Since there is always a chance of wind, you won’t even get the opportunity to see your candle lit! By adding two different colored sands to a vase, you will still have your symbol of the families coming together and you can take it after the ceremony and put it in your home as a beautiful memento.

A nice personalized touch to add to your ceremony would be framed photographs of you and your fiance growing up. On the end chairs closest to the aisle, you can place the frames hanging from the chairs. On the bride’s side, you can have photos of the bride growing up so as the Bride walks down the aisle, she will see herself as a child then as an adult. On the groom’s side, you can have all photos of the groom growing up and then his adult photographs. It adds a great personalized feel to your ceremony and guests love seeing photographs of you both maturing!

Make sure your guests are reminded to turn their cell phones off during the ceremony. By having your officiant make a quick announcement while the guests are being seated, it will ensure that you won’t be walking down the aisle to someone’s ringtone! With all of this in mind, remember that with smart planning and consideration for your guests, you will have a great ceremony.