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Invitations For Your NJ Wedding

When picking out your NJ wedding invitations, it can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. By following these 5 tips, it will help make your invitation process much easier.

1. You do NOT have to go broke when picking out your NJ wedding invitations

Some private invitation establishments want you to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of paper that most people end up throwing away. Companies like 1-800 Jam Music ( offer wedding invitations at a very affordable cost. Since private invitation places live off of their profits from invitations, it means you have to spend more on invitations than you would on your own wedding dress.

2. If you love a wedding invitation and it isn't the exact color or theme of your wedding, DON'T stress it!

Not every little detail of your wedding is going to match perfectly and your guests won't notice! Invitations are sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior to your big day, people will not remember that your navy blue theme and your midnight blue invitations aren't the exact same color. If you fall in love with an invitation remember that it is your wedding day and as long as you love it, nothing else matters!

3. To Embellish or not to Embellish, that is the question!

You do not have to go crazy with adding a million small embellishments to your NJ wedding invitation. At 1-800 Jam Music (, the invitations are gorgeous and all the extra's really aren't needed. It is always fun to add extra crafts to your wedding process but please remember this takes a lot of time! Whatever embellishments you do to one invitations, you must do to the other 150 you have! If you are looking for a more blinged out invite, than pick that type of invitation. If you are going for simple chic, than pick that type of invitation. Each bride is different so make sure you know what crafts you may get yourself involved in before saying yes to the invite!

4. Thousands of beautiful invites, but which one do I pick?

Every invitation place will have tons of different books for you to look through. My best advice is to stick with what you like. If you are really in love with one particular invitation, don't go much further. Too many options are sometimes a big problem when trying to narrow it down to one invite! Make sure you see a decent amount of invitations, but you don't need to fall in love with 60 invites and than try to pick one.

5. Make it fun!

Many people think about invitations and think what an annoyance it will be. Just like all of your wedding plans, this will be something you do only once, so make it enjoyable. Don't get stressed about invitations because they are a very small detail in comparison to the rest of the big day plans. If you go to 1-800 Jam Music (, you will be able to get the best entertainment for your wedding and have a great time picking out your NJ wedding invitations. By enjoying the detail portion of your wedding, it'll make for a happier planning process!