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Uplighting For Your NJ Wedding

Lighting is very important on your big day. It creates the energy, atmosphere, and mood for the evening. Most halls in New Jersey have uplighting built in, but if they do not and you want it, there are other options. The best bet would be to book it through your DJ as part of your entertainment package (

Some things to remember when going through the details for your uplighting:

1. The Color

Surveys indicate that certain colors make people feel sleepy and lazy. Those are two moods you do not want at your wedding at all.
Colors that create a drowsy feeling:
-Blue- -Green- -Red-

The colors mentioned above are actually known as "sleep inducing colors".

Colors that create a good energy feeling:
-Pink/Fuchsia- -LIGHT Purple- -Yellow Orange

My favorite color for uplighting is the Fuchsia (see below).

It creates a light and happy mood for the guests.

2. Mix & Match

The uplighting does not have to be one solid color. You can have every other light a different color......colors that work together, of course. For example, if you really like a blue light, but afraid of it being too dull of an energy, you can make every other uplight a light blue with the other lights being a pink or fuchsia so it balances it out (see below).

3. Uplighting or Downlighting?

Always choose UPLIGHTING! Uplighting looks SO much better! Having the light fixture shine from the ground up, rather than from the ceiling down, it covers the ENTIRE surface. When it's downlighting, you get these oval shaped lights shining on the wall (see below).

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