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NJ Corporate Holiday Parties

A Holiday Party is very important to have at your company. Not only is it a great way to socialize and really get to know your co-workers, it also shows that you appreciate all of the hard work that your employees are doing. Whether it is a dinner or full on party, be sure to have one!

Does your company have holiday parties, but they're not very entertaining? Here's a couple of things that can be added to your holiday party to make it more of a party.

1. Music

This is a MUST at every party! Without music it just turns into an awkward silent room that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Almost like being at a repast dinner. Also, a lot of companies think that if they just hook up an I-Pod that will be good's not. Go the full mile and book a DJ (, you and your employees will be so happy that you did!

2. Open Bar

If you decide to have a cash bar at your holiday party, PLEASE tell your employees that it is going to be a cash bar. I have seen countless times where the staff was never informed about the cash bar and they did not bring any cash on them so they did not have a good time and/or was not very happy about it. The best bet would be to just get an open bar, it will save you and your staff a headache. I have also seen a lot of people sneak alcohol into the hall/restaurant because they did not want to pay for the drinks. That will lead into a big problem so it is best if it is just avoided by getting the open bar. Even if the bar only consisted of beer and wine, it is still good and works out great because people won't get too drunk.

3. Something New

Have you had the same ole thing at your holiday party for 5+ years now? Maybe it is time to add a little something extra. For example, a photo booth ( Definitely a fun add on and it is a great time for everyone of all ages.

4. Safety

At the end of the holiday party, please make sure that anyone who is driving IS sober. If not, call them a cab or Uber ( immediately. Make the fun night you just had go off without a hitch! Also, remind your employees that it is a work party so they should not be getting that drunk.

All in all, have fun, but be safe and professional!