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Your NJ Winter Wedding

Although the winter is not a very popular time to get married, it does have its perks. Here are three benefits to a winter wedding here in New Jersey.

1. Picture Perfect

Even though it's very cold in NJ during the winter time, you do have the opportunity for beautiful photos on your wedding day.

2. Stay Together!

Since it will most likely be too cold to go outside, that means your guests will be more likely to stay in your reception room. Therefore they'll be able to celebrate with you, rather than smoking and talking, making them miss the big event you put together!

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3. "Decked Out" Ceremony

If you are not having your ceremony at a church, temple, etc. and plan on doing it at your hall, the options are endless! You can turn your indoor ceremony into a real life fantasy!

Hope you enjoyed this post and it helped out any of the New Jersey couples who are having a winter wedding! Also, have a very happy holidays :)