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Christine & Eric's NJ Wedding

       This afternoon wedding was held at the beautiful Nanina’s in the Park located in Belleville, New Jersey. Christine & Eric planned a morning ceremony outside in the Nanina’s gardens. The morning started off cloudy with a chance of rain. Just before the ceremony was about to start, the sun shined through and it was so gorgeous as the sunshine glistened over the gazebo. The groom, Eric, waiting under the gazebo as the DJ ( cued the instrumental to the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri perfectly as the ushers unrolled the runner down the aisle. The doors open and there is Christine, stunning in her beautiful white gown as her veil flowed behind her. Eric's eyes filled up with tears and a smile when he saw his gorgeous bride walking towards him.

        The ceremony went off without a hitch and it was time for the famous Nanina's in the Park cocktail hour! You will never run out of options or leave hungry at Nanina's cocktail hour. Not only do they have so many choices, the food is flawless and the staff is extremely professional. If you are having your wedding in New Jersey, this venue is a MUST! One in the afternoon rolls around and it is time for the main reception. The elegant double doors open up and Jam Music cues the music as Christine and Eric's guests walk into the stunning ballroom of Nanina's in the Park.

       The introductions, first dance, and parent dances done by 1 800 Jam Music went perfectly and the MC was clear and not obnoxious. Nanina's served their first course and shortly after it was time to open up the dance floor. From the first song till the last, Jam Music kept Christine, Eric, and their guests on their feet ALL NIGHT LONG! They also had a percussionist perform with the DJ during their reception which gave a live feel as well as a lot of energy for this afternoon wedding. This bride and groom also booked Jam's photo booth for their four hour reception. The photo booth was a hit throughout the entire night! Check out what Christine & Eric had to say about Jam:

       It is definitely safe to say that Christine and Eric's guests did not go home hungry and they had their feet hurting after they experienced the dynamic duo of Nanina's in the Park and 1 800 Jam Music!

Remember, the two things your guests will remember the most from your wedding day is the food and entertainment so be sure to check out these MUST HAVE vendors!:
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