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With over 37 years of experience and perfect 5-star reviews, Jam Music Events IS New Jerseys BEST entertainment company! As said by the Jam Team, "Our contemporary style of presenting our music will keep your guests up on their feet dancing the night away.
We must be doing something right being that we are the longest established DJ Company around. You get the piece of mind that your event is being handled by professionals who have performed for thousands of party’s while always staying fresh and never being obnoxious".

There are some factors that will have to be used to see if you are getting what you pay for, such as experience, equipment being used, music knowledge, ability to read a crowd, and extra bells and whistles. So to say a DJ is a DJ is a DJ is completely inaccurate.

Many brides say their highest priority is their attire, than the reception site followed by the caterer. If you notice the entertainment for their reception is not a main priority, it is actually one of their least priorities. This survey was just done recently by USA Today. Another survey conducted by The Knot, who interviewed over 1,000 brides, most of the brides said that the entertainment was only 15% of their entire wedding budget. All of these brides also said that if they had the chance they would make the entertainment the second highest priority, after their food for the reception. All of these brides agreed that they would have most definitely spent more money on a more professional company. The guests remember the entertainment for your wedding reception more than anything else, a survey published in Modern Bride Magazine. So in reality, entertainment should be the number one priority for your big day!

Speaking with Michael Biondi, who has been in the wedding entertainment industry for over 37 years and owner of, believes you do not have to go broke to have a great time. He goes on by saying that loving what he does, DJing weddings here in New Jersey and New York, shows through his performance at your wedding day. If you hire a company that is just in it for the money, you’ll end up with a dry performance. You deserve all of your Disc Jockeys passion, not ego. You can tell his passion is infectious through his entire family, who also run and operate the business alongside of him.

Michael Biondi also stated that with the availability of home DJ equipment there are many people who call themselves DJs, but do not qualify as being professional, also known as “The Weekend Warrior”. Part of being a professional DJ is investing in commercial grade, professional equipment which will ensure you and your guests getting the highest quality sound and most reliable performance. “The Weekend Warrior" DJ should never be considered for your wedding, no matter what the cost is. For your wedding you would want a wedding DJ, not a club or radio DJ. There is a huge difference between those DJs. Read an article I wrote a while back that explains why a wedding DJ is a must at a wedding ( Also, "The Weekend Warrior" DJ will not have the correct skills and/or equipment for your wedding day. Most club/radio DJs do not use their own equipment. Instead they use the equipment and sound systems that are already provided to them by the club. That is why Jam Music only uses professional equipment and has the foresight of keeping extra backup equipment with them for your event…it matters. To go along with the equipment, you need to have a large music library, keeping in mind that most weddings have a large age group attending. The DJ should be versed in all types of music genres. Along with a large music library comes one of the most important aspects of DJing and that is the ability on how to read a crowd. The ability to anticipate adjusting your playlist to what is happening at that exact moment, keeping the party lively, exciting, and fun. Don’t be fooled by DJs that ask you to pick out all of the music so they can put the blame on you when the party is a dud. We are professionals, we know what to play for your party and only ask for minimal song guidelines from you, just to get a feel of what you like.

Mike also said that REAL references are important, not bought ones. That is why we have our office plastered in hand written thank you letters from various different events with the bride and grooms picture on them. With today’s technology it is so easy to get fake reviews as well as fake followers on their social media sites.

Your best bet would be to give Jam music a call and make your appointment so you are in the 22% of couples who had the perfect entertainment for their wedding! I hope this article let you see just how important GREAT entertainment is for your big day so be sure to make it a main priority. You and your guests will sure be glad that you did!

Check out this awesome demo of Jam Music performing for a wedding at Nanina's in the Park!: