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Advice For Your NJ Wedding

Planning a wedding has many tiny details that sometimes are almost forgotten. Check out the four tiny details below that could make a big impact on your big day!

1. The Bridal Party

The question that has so many answers.....who should be in the bridal party? It is difficult to make this decision because you have family and friends that I'm sure you would love to have all of them included, but you also do not want to have too big of a bridal party. Why is that? Lets just the say the more people, the more difficult it will get. If you have 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, a maid of honor, best man, flower girl and ring bearer, that is 20 people you now have to keep on top of throughout the planning process. Making sure 10 girls get their dresses and size them correctly, than the shoes and hair appointments. After that is all settled you have to make sure all 10 of the men have their suits/tuxedos as well as the shoes. Imagine trying to get 20 people to cooperate and stay in one place for photos, it is hectic! Another concern is making sure that everyone in the bridal party is on time on the day of your wedding so the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception stays on schedule. Having a big bridal party also means that you will have a long introduction when your reception starts. If your reception starts at 7 and introductions start at 7:20 it would probably already be 8:00 or past it by the time the introductions, dances and toasts are over. Also, a first course will most likely be served after that. That leaves less than three hours for dancing, main course, cake cutting, bouquet/garter, dessert and any other events going on at your reception. I would say the max number for a bridal party should be twelve before it starts getting too crazy.

2. Seating Arrangements

It usually works out best when you seat your guests with other guests that they know. It will be more comfortable for them. I see a lot of weddings where one side of the room is the brides family, the other side of the room is the grooms family and tables that your friends will be seated at is mixed in between, this also works out nicely. One tip that I can not stress enough would be to seat your older guests further away from the entertainment and have the younger guests closer to the dance floor/entertainment. It would make the older guests a lot more comfortable and the music will not be too loud for them.

3. Toasts

Whoever it may be that is going to make a toast on your big day (maid/matron of honor, best man, parents, etc.) it is best to give each of them a time limit. For example, Alexa and Dave please don't go over 2 minutes for your toasts just so there is more time to dance, eat and talk. If a toast goes past 3 minutes, your guests already lost interest. I have actually seen multiple times when a toast hits five minutes and guests just start talking to each other while the toast is still going on because it is just too long. Short and sweet is usually the best. If people want to give a long toast, the best place to do that would be at the rehearsal dinner. Remember, the longer your guests sit in their chairs, the more tired they will get and not want to get up once the food and drinks settle in. Also, try not to exceed four toasts. The more toasts, the more time taken away from your reception.

4. Don't Stress!

I know it is hard not to, but remember that this a day where everyone is coming together to celebrate you and your new husband/wife! Your guests are there to have a good time, you're there to have a good time so you know what you should do? Have a good time! If something little goes wrong, don't stress it! If you are stressing about paying for a wedding, don't! As said best, "you do not have to go broke to have an amazing wedding" said by 1 800 Jam Music ( It's true! If your hire the right vendors for your New Jersey wedding, you will have an amazing time. The best NJ DJs, 1 800 Jam Music, will bring you and your guests non-stop fun and non-stop dancing at a great price!

If you keep these tips in mind while planning your NJ wedding, it will make planning and preparing easier and your big day will go off without a hitch!