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7 Things To Remember When Picking Your NJ Wedding DJ

Unfortunately many people assume that Disc Jockeys just push a button to play a song and that is it, there is no talent. That assumption is there because of so many bad DJs who created that stereotype for all DJs. This article will shed some light on the talent that is needed when booking your wedding DJ.


Either you have the talent or you don’t. If someone were to go out and buy a guitar right now, that does not mean they are a guitarist. A guitarist is an individual who has the talent to make that guitar sound beautiful. A DJ needs to be able to beat mix each and every song perfectly to keep your guests dancing and not throw it off with a bad mix because the beats did not match up. Another talent that a lot of DJs do not have is the ability to read a crowd...your crowd. Want New Jerseys best DJs who know how to read any crowd? Check out


For some reason a big selling factor with most wedding DJs right now is that they perform on the radio. That is not really a good thing because Radio DJs and Wedding DJs are very different. Radio DJs do not program their own music, some one else who works for the radio station programs the music for them. Because they have a programmed set list, that means that your wedding will most likely be programmed as well, not playing music for your crowd and what they react to. They also mainly play the same genre and only songs that are a big hit in present time. Wedding DJs program their own music the day of the event in present time because they are playing what your crowd wants to hear, what they see your guests are dancing to. A wedding DJ will also make sure there’s all different styles and genres of music to be sure they are catering to all age groups. All in all, to get a great DJ for your wedding, the DJ has to perform at mainly weddings, not mainly at clubs and/or on the radio.


A good amount of DJ companies can not guarantee who is going to be the DJ at your wedding until 2 weeks before your big day! Now how are you supposed to know that this DJ is even a good one? At this point in time it is too late to turn back because you already paid in full. Another problem is that they will tell you that "DJ SO&SO" will be performing at your wedding, but come the day of your actual event it is a completely different person. Go with a company who can be trusted and guarantee who your DJ will be from the first meeting. 1 800 Jam Music is one of the few NJ wedding DJ companies who can do that!


Commitment can be easily shown in your Disc Jockeys much money they spend on it. They should use professional equipment, not home equipment where they hide behind a big facade. It is all smoke and mirrors. They have the big facade so it looks like they have a big set up, but in reality they have the very basic and inexpensive turntables with the mixer attached and one amplifier. I will use the guitar example again for this topic. You can buy the $100 Squier Guitar or you can spend more money on the Gibson Guitar that you know is going to work the way you want it to and not have any technical difficulties during your gig.


Right off the bat I have to say that if the DJ has their DJ name on his or her laptop, they are already unprofessional to me. That is very tacky and there needs to be an understanding that your wedding is not a night club. This is an event where all of your friends and family spend a lot of time getting done, spend money on a gift, and are so excited to be a part of such a special day for both you and your fiance, not to hear a DJ perform his weekly club events at your wedding. Another form of professionalism would be your DJs attire. They should be properly dressed for the occasion, as if they were guests. No jeans, Polos, sneakers, etcetera. Another very important part is that your DJ should be punctual. Being on time is key. If they aren’t on time then your hall will have to extend the cocktail hour until they are fully set up, losing time in your reception which means you are losing money. Also, professionalism should begin way before your wedding day. It should be at the very moment you first meet in your DJs office. Whether you are meeting with the actual DJ the first appointment or someone else who does the sales, that sales person should pay attention to all of your details; “cross your t’s and dot your i’s”. Paying attention to detail shows that they are committed to your event and want everything to be perfect, just like you do.


If you walk out of that first appointment without feeling like you are going to be taken care of every step of the way during your planning process and the day of your wedding, than that is not the DJ to choose. They should be letting you know that when you book their entertainment services you will not need to feel worried, they have it under control. Also, if they are mainly trying to sell you their add on services and not so much of their actual DJ, that is not good at all. They feel more confident that your event will be better with those add on services because the DJ is not enough to keep your guests entertained.


For our last topic, cost is always the deal breaker. If you pay $500 for your DJ, keep in mind that you are going to get a $500 DJ. They won’t have a nice sound system, just two powered speakers and those do not sound very nice. It’s usually some kid who attended EDC and now thinks they can be a wedding DJ. If you are paying $4,500-$5,000 or more for a DJ with lights and TV screens, you are being scammed because it should never cost that much, not even if a Photo Booth was in that package. It just does not make sense, unless the DJ Company does not own their own equipment, then it makes sense because they have to pay to rent it. If that is the case, also run out of that office because they will have no backup equipment if something were to go wrong the day of your event. Which also means they do not work enough to own their equipment so they probably won’t have that much experience. If it is that much money, just remember that you are most likely paying for a name and an ego, not talent. You are better off going somewhere else where you can still get all of those services, but for a way better price and most likely, better talent.

To wrap it up, look for a DJ company who is going to take care of you and treat you like family. Personally, I would go for the most experienced company because that means they must be doing something right to be in business for so long ( One last thing! This is YOUR wedding, not your DJs so make sure it is all about you and your fiance!