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Centerpieces For Your NJ Wedding

There are three major aspects you must cover ASAP when planning your wedding. Number one, the catering hall, second is the entertainment, and third should be your centerpieces. Most catering halls have recommended florists that you can take a look at. Some catering halls make you use only their florists. The price for flowers has drastically changed over the years so here are some helpful tips to give you beautiful centerpieces for a great price!

1. Price Per Table

Before you go and meet a florist, be prepared! Get a good estimate of how many guests will be attending your big day. By knowing that number you can estimate how many tables you will have. Since you now have a pretty good understanding of how many tables will be needed at your reception, you can now put a price point for each table. For example, if your max budget on flowers is $5,000 and you have ten wedding tables, you can spend $500 a table. Also, remember that you have to count in your bouquets, boutonnières, decorations for ceremony and any other add ons that you might want. In reality you would want to spend $250-$300 per table.

2. Seasonal & Imported Flowers

Unless you are really into flowers, you will not know the difference between an American rose and a Brazilian rose. A large markup in this industry is imported flowers. Imported flowers could cost up to an additional $170 per table! Once you know if you are getting imported flowers or not, be sure to ask what the seasonal flowers are for your wedding date. For example, if you are getting married in the fall, the seasonal flowers are Lilies, Roses, Calla Lily, Orange Gerbera, and a lot more! These flowers would be more affordable because they are in season so they are easier for the florist to obtain.

3. Renting Your NJ Centerpieces

For the people who are not really into flowers or even allergic to them, you can now rent cool alternatives to flower centerpieces. There are so many options that you can do so much with. For example, you can have candelabra's, chandelier style, feather centerpieces in a tall vase of your choice, or even diamond trees. There are many different options, but be sure that your centerpiece matches your room and your theme (if you have one). Renting is also very affordable and can look very stylish.

4. Tip To Save Money

The size of the centerpiece determines the price. If you have very tall and large centerpieces, they are going to cost you more. Not every single table has to have the same exact centerpiece. A very popular look, which I think is beautiful, is a mix of tall centerpieces and low centerpieces. It balances out the room and does not make it look too crowded. If you mix your centerpieces you will save a good amount of money per table.