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6 Great Additional Services For Your NJ Wedding

Looking to add a little something extra to your New Jersey wedding? This list will give you plenty of options to fulfill you and your guests needs.

1. Photo Booth With Props

Not only is a photo booth so much fun for everyone of all ages, it is also a GREAT favor! Instead of leaving candy, wine or a candle that guests will forget at the end of the night, leave a picture frame! Now the picture frame will only work if you get a photo booth that prints 4x6 pictures, not the photo strips. Wondering where to find a photo booth like that? Head on over to

2. Photo Book

I love this idea! In the photo above, the heart on the left is the cover of the photo book and the heart on the right has one of the pages on the inside of the book. A photo book is an add on service when you get a photo booth. After your guests take their picture in the photo booth, one picture will go into the photo book and another copy will print for your guests to keep. Your guests than get to write you and your new spouse a nice little message of congratulations. At the end of the night, you get the book. I actually took this photo and idea from 1 800 Jam Music ( They have two photo booth attendants who are there the entire night who make the book right on the spot and to one up it, they also give you a disc of every single photo that was taken at the end of the night. This is a fun additional service and also really nice because you will forever have these memories with nice words written by your loved ones.

3. Live Percussionist

This additional service is just plain out AWESOME! Want some live performances, but do not want to spend thousands and thousands on a band? Go with a DJ and a live percussionist! The percussionist plays along with the DJ and gives every single song so much more energy. Your guests will go crazy for it and will definitely motivate everyone to get up and dance the night away!

4. Customized GOBO

There is not much to say about it other than that it is beautiful. Also, some entertainment companies give the actual GOBO to you at the end of the night and you can make an ornament with it for either your tree or even hang it in your window. It looks really nice on the dance floor and also makes for some great pictures! Like this one:

5. Cigar Roller

Dessert comes around with about an hour left of an amazing wedding, what better way to end the night than with a drink and a nice cigar that was rolled right in front of you? There is none! You and your guests will love this little addition!

6. A Photo Montage

Share memories with your friends and family! If your entertainment company has TV screens, this is a sweet touch. You can have pictures of you growing up, your husband/wife growing up and than the both of you together. You and your guests can stop and watch it together or just have it playing on the screens throughout the night!