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10 "Do's & Dont's" For Your NJ Wedding

1. DO research your options!

Please take the time to fully research all of your vendors. Do not just go by their social media sites because always remember that with today's technology, you can do anything. For example, buy followers, reviews, views and show you all smoke and mirrors, not the real deal. I would personally go for the New Jersey vendors with the most experience. They have been in the industry the longest and there is a reason for that, they are the real professionals!

Know who you are getting on such an important day!

2. DON'T let anyone control your wedding besides you & your fiance!

I have seen it a million times over and over again where a mother, father, cousin, friend, etcetera have ruined a wedding because they wanted to have too much control and did not let the professionals who do this for a living handle it. Whether it was the food, music, pictures or hiring additional services as a "surprise" to the newlyweds.

"I'm the bride's best friend, we're practically sisters so you have to do what I say!". If you're so close to the bride, why aren't you in the bridal party?

3. DO make appointments!

Be sure to actually go and see all of your vendors face-to-face! Don't be afraid to go to their office/hall and check out everything they have to offer. You would be surprised with some of these NJ experts and how helpful they are in more than just their field.

Don't worry, this is not a doctors appointment so don't be afraid to go meet with who you're working with!

4. DON'T give too many requests to your DJ!

Remember that it is your DJ's job to know how to read your crowd so don't overload him/her with too many requests. If you think your DJ will not know how to read a crowd than it is time to look for another DJ. Like I said before, trust the vendor with the most experience. In New Jersey that is 1 800 Jam Music Entertainment. They are the longest running DJ/entertainment company here in NJ, maybe even in the country! Also, keep in mind that what you like to hear on your Spotify or Pandora might not be what your guests want to get up and dance the night away to; keep it fun and lively!

5. DO ask questions!

This is your wedding! Ask all the questions you want to make sure that your big day goes off without a hitch! Questions are good because you will have a better understanding as to what a certain service is and why it would be a benefit for you and your fiance to have at your wedding.

Know what you are getting and ask about deals/the best price possible!

6. DON'T wait until last second to pay off your balances!

This is a very big do NOT! This will leave you flustered and most likely having you and your new spouse open up cards at the end of your beautiful wedding to pay off a vendor who is waiting for their money. That's money that you could have used on your honeymoon. So be sure to keep track of all of your deposits, payments, and balances and try to get them all paid off before the big day! If you start planning your wedding two years before your wedding day, it will be much easier to get everything paid off because you have the time.

I know handing over a big chunk of money for a five hour event makes you want to run off to Vegas, but if you follow these tips you will have the best wedding NJ has ever seen for the best price possible!

7. DO get all final details done on time!

This is another aspect of your wedding that you do not want to leave until last second. Believe it or not, the little details are the most time consuming. For example, you and your fiance decided to hand make all of the favors, but kept pushing it aside until it's days before your wedding and now you have 150 candles to put a label on and wrap each one individually. I'm sure that is the last thing you want to be doing right before your wedding day. Do a little bit each day and they'll be done in no time!

Be sure to have your entertainment remind your guests to take home their favors or you'll be heading home with 100 candles that were left on the tables. Trust me, I've seen it MANY times before.

8. DON'T have your photographer stop your reception for portraits!

Get to your church or catering hall an hour earlier and get the portraits done. You could even get all of the family pictures done while your cocktail hour is going on, that way you will be able to enjoy your wedding and be in your reception room to enjoy every moment that you planned and paid for. If the photographer starts pulling people out of the room during the reception for family portraits, this will definitely ruin the whole flow of your event!

"Sir, can we please go back to the party? Cindy's blocking all of the good lighting anyway, so......."

9. DO tip!

Your vendors worked hard with you throughout your entire planning process and the actual day of your event so be sure to show them your appreciation and give them a tip! Your photographers are with you all day, constantly on their feet and running around, your entertainment set up hours before the event started and lifted/hauled equipment (which they then have to take down), your florists were at your catering hall way before you and your guests arrival to make sure that your tables look stunning. It is also probably on most of the contracts that you sign with your vendors, that you must provide a tip. If you follow the advice given in #6, you should have some spare cash to give your hard working vendors!

Show them some love!

10. DON'T have too much going on the day of your wedding!

Many couples plan for way too many events to occur at their reception and it does not make their wedding flow. For example, a couple hired their college mascot to come to their wedding and do a whole dance routine then had a bag piper come play later on in the night, it cleared the dance floor both times and made everyone leave the room. Keep in mind that four hours goes by very quick at a wedding because there is a timeline. First your guests have to leave the cocktail room and enter the reception room, than the introductions begin, followed by the first dance, parent dances, toasts, cake cutting, garter/bouquet, etcetera. In between all of that, you have to fit in three courses and dancing so keep that in mind when booking extra services for your reception.

If you really need your college mascot at your wedding, just include him/her at a more reasonable the cake.

After all, you should enjoy every moment of your wedding day! You spent a lot of time and a lot of money so make the most of it! :-)